Lennon Lacy found hanging, RAW- 911 Call

Listen to the raw 911 call made the night Lennon Lacy was found hanging from a playground in Bladenboro.

via RAW: Lennon Lacy 911 call.

LennonThis is the story in a nutshell: A 31 year old  white woman Michelle Brimhall  , has a sexual relationship with High school football player; a college hopeful. The young man is 17 years old African American. His name was Lennon Lacy. He was found hanging from a rope that was tied around his neck.The  Bladenboro Police Department has ruled his death a suicide. The local people do not trust the integrity of the police investigation. Lennon had bruises and face wounds. After seeing her son in the body bag, his mother noticed  Lennon had head wounds as though he was attacked.

Oh well, if this is another case that a young boy is murdered like Emmitt Till. Emmitt was murdered in Money, Mississippi for looking at a white woman the “wrong way”, by an angry racist mob that kidnapped him from his home August 25 1955.

The people may protest in Bladenboro, NC I just hope all white people are not painted with the same broad brush use to identify a few that may have a racist motive for hurting some one. If in fact it is  determined that Lennon was killed by a person or people, it is sad still. Especially when his mother remained in the Bladenboro community where his neighbor had a nice green lawn, with a very alerting sign that read in bold writing:”NIGGERS KEEP OUT”. With the sign, came a large array  of Confederate flags as if they were growing right from the very soil like a plant.

I know when I’m not wanted, I would have move to a safer neighborhood. A place where it would be okay if I chose to date a white woman. A place other than Bladenboro, North Carolina.

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