ADAM LANZA killed 26 people in Conn.

26 people have died at the hands of Adam Lanza. For what reason, I do not know!

A crazed gunman dressed in black went on a rampage at a Connecticut elementary school this morning, in a massacre that left the shooter and 26 dead others – including 18 children.

Adam Lanza, 20, shot his mother dead and targeted her kindergarten class at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., sources sais. Sources also told The Post that Lanza’s mother was a teacher at the school and he “had a dispute with her.”

Lanza is dead inside the school.

Lanza used two handguns and a .223-caliber assault rifle, an official said. The official also said that New Jersey state police are searching a location in connection with the shootings.




Police in Hoboken, NJ are questioning Lanza’s older brother Ryan, 24, but he is not a suspect.

The shooting appeared to be the nation’s second-deadliest school shooting, exceeded only by the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, which left 32 people and the gunman dead.

“We were in my art teacher’s room. We heard some gunshots – like 20. Then the police came with guns and told us to close our eyes,” said fourth-grader Venesa Bajraliu, 9.

“I heard gunshots and I saw policemen. My teacher was scared and a little shaky. We went into the office and police came and took us into the firehouse.”

She heard screams and gunshots over the intercom of the school, said her brother, Nergim, 17.

He and his mother were the first to arrive at the school. He saw three young victims, who appeared wounded.

“When I saw the girl come out with police, the girl was splattered with blood.”


Mom Carrie Battaglia told The Post that the firehouse where she was told to pick up her children was in a state of chaos.

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