James Bugler’s Killer, denied parole

Jon Venable age 10 i Venable killed 2 year old James Bugler

UK NEWS > Mum’s relief as Bulger killer is denied parole UK NEWS MUM’S RELIEF AS BULGER KILLER IS DENIED PAROLE Story Image Jon Venables aged 10 in a photo taken after his arrest for the murder of James Bulger Tuesday June 28,2011 By Chris Riches THE mother of murdered toddler James Bulger last night spoke of her relief after a parole board refused to free one of her son’s killers. Jon Venables, 28, had applied for early release on licence halfway through a two-year jail term for downloading and distributing child ­pornography. But officials have informed James’s family that the application has been rejected and Venables’ case will not be reviewed for another 12 months. The killer could even remain in jail beyond the two-year sentence because the offence violated his release on a life-long licence for the murder of the two-year-old in 1993. James’s mother, Denise ­Fergus, 42, said: “Venables is a very dangerous ­individual and it’s a huge relief to hear that he will not be getting out any time soon. “He has proved in the past that he is not reformed and that he cannot be trusted. He has shown no remorse and he was not fit to be released when they let him out the first time at the age of 18.” The mother of three added: “He’s a very cunning individual and God knows how many other crimes he might commit and how many other people might suffer if they did let him out. It’s too big a risk and, thankfully, they have seen though his lies and ­realised that the only safe place for him is behind bars. This time the Parole Board have made the right decision.” Ms Fergus also called for Venables to undergo extensive psychiatric tests to establish if he suffers from an anti­social personality ­disorder. ­Venables and his accomplice, Robert Thompson, then both 10, battered James to death on a ­railway line in Liverpool in February 1993. Following his arrest Venables always denied there had been a sexual motive in the murder

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