Why name a film;”Shooting Michael Moore”?

The accussation of Michael Moore being pretension, is hogwash!they should have  blocked any mediated press, in print, film or ba ba ba. Michael Moore has exposed enough bad conduct, I count 7 times.


Title shoots down film about Moore

Screening of ‘Shooting Michael Moore’ is canceled — for public safety or politics?

Kevin Leffler talks with the subject of his film "Shooting Michael Moore." A Traverse City, Mich., screening of the film was canceled.

Kevin Leffler talks with the subject of his film “Shooting Michael Moore.” A Traverse City, Mich., screening of the film …

Friday, February 27, 2009Filmmaker Kevin Leffler’s first movie, “Shooting Michael Moore,” was set to open in Traverse City, Mich., last month, but the screening got canceled at the last minute.

Was it politically motivated censorship?

Or simply a prudent safeguard against the possibility of violence against one of Michigan’s own incited by a provocative documentary with an incendiary title?

Mr. Leffler, a Michigan native like his subject, isn’t a director by trade, but he has seen enough of Mr. Moore’s movies to know how a cinematic David can sock it to Goliath.

So when Mr. Leffler, a certified public accountant and assistant professor at Baker College, saw inconsistencies between Mr. Moore’s public persona and his actions, he did what the Oscar-winning director himself might do.

He picked up a camera and got to work.

“The perception of Mike is that he fights the good fight, stands up for the little guy,” Mr. Leffler says. “But Mike is out for Mike, and that’s OK, but don’t pretend.”

“Shooting Michael Moore” contends that the filmmaker treats cast members poorly, rails against corporations such as Halliburton while gobbling up their stock and used his latest film, “Sicko,” to paint a highly inaccurate picture of Cuba’s health care system.

The movie was shown in Detroit and Miami late last year, but its scheduled Jan. 9 screening at Carmike Cinemas’ Horizon Outlet theater in Traverse City never happened.

The cancellation came before a planned Jan. 7 press conference organized by Jeff Gibbs, a longtime friend of Mr. Moore’s, to urge that the screening be stopped.

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