Larry Scott died at 75 wow As a…

Larry Scott, died at 75; wow. As a young teenager in the 80’s, I always wanted to keep my body right and fit for sports. My arms had to resemble those of Larry Scott. Larry Scott did so many preacher curls that the exercise work was then called the “Scott Curls”.
At the age of 25 , Larry Scott became the first Mr. Olympia.

On March 8, 2014, Scott died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease at his home in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was 75 years old.

“Larry Scott wasn’t exactly a 98-pound weakling — he weighed in at 120 — but his life changed forever after he ran across a stack of bodybuilding magazines in an Idaho city dump.
The scrawny 16-year-old started working out in private, doing lifts with a tractor axle.
Within 10 years, he was Mr. Idaho, Mr. California, Mr. Pacific Coast, Mr. America and Mr. Universe.
In 1965, he became the world’s first Mr. Olympia, a title designed by promoter and publisher Joe Weider as bodybuilding’s indisputably supreme honor,” says writer Steve Chawkins LA Times

Larry Scott

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