Bipolar and eating food


Can eating the wrong foods make me go crazy? If not crazy, I can at least have mood swings if I’m bipolar or suffer depression. That is according to website. These are the some of the ingredients in foods that I have to watch out for:






I guess it would be good to stay away from New York Cheese cakes, or should I take the chance? Perhaps I’ll just eat cakes and piers sparingly. It is a comfort food after all right? LOL









1 way to get along with people

Some people are mean and negative. We are happy that they do not live in our house or apartment. When we do see them, we want to have as best of a time as humanly possible.

The best way to have a great experience with other people;

just do the loving thing and let your day move forward, towards a happy life. And whenever in doubt just do the loving thing in every situation.

Colin Kaepernick NFL Quarterback protest; is he right?

Colin Kaepernick returned to stand up during the national anthem. It’s a custom  before every pre season NFL football game. Kaepernick refused because he wanted to give attention to the many minorities in America that are not receiving fair treatment from the law enforcement community.

I think he does have a right, and I’m glad he selected a safe protest.