Charles Mansion is getting married, why not?

The convicted killer Charles Mansion, age 80 will marry his 26 year old girlfriend Afton Burton (aka Star). At least this killer is in prison. How about the killers that are roaming our streets free, just because they are part of some branch of law enforcement. Like the police that shoot and kill innocent people. The bad cops walk free, with pay checks every two weeks.

I think Charles Mansion has a right to marry anyone that he’s able. After being in prison for nearly 50 years, why not? Perhaps he will change into a mild man. At least he is locked (3)

Carlesha Freeland-Gaither found alive

Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was found alive in Jessup, Maryland Wednesday night after she was abducted in Philly Sunday. Delvin Barnes was arrested in connection to the abduction. If you look at the link you can see the news report.

downloadI hope this coward is put away long enough to learns his lesson. The best part about this story is that he did not kill anyone. I’ll chip in by paying my federal taxes.

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Carlesha Freeland-Gaither is missing

A Philadelphia abduction caught on surveillance camera shows the frightening kidnapping of 22-year-old Carlesha Freeland-Gaither. The woman was walking home after a party in the Germantown district of the city Sunday night when an unknown assailant attacked her, chased her down when she ran and forced her into his car.” -BY DANIEL DISTANT , CHRISTIAN POST REPORTER

I hope the police caught the idiot in the video abducting  Carlesha. Perhaps Officer Darren Wilson can get in hot pursuit.

If you have any information please call the police. I would snitch on him without batting an eye.10734167_974445232575811_9087335309406145592_n

Lauren Hill terminal ill Basketball player scored winning shot!!

LaurenHillLauren Hill has a rare incurable cancer in her brain. She’s also a Mount St. Joseph college freshman and played in her first game on Sunday. Lauren not only scored the first basket, but she also made the winning shot. Lauren went to her left in the paint, to take a smooth left handed layup. “Lauren Hill scored four points on Sunday, and her Division III team, Mount St. Joseph, beat Hiram College, 66-55.” The game took place in Ohio, a day after Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old who said she had terminal brain cancer, took medication to end her life under Oregon’s “Death with Dignity Act,”

After hearing her story basketball superstar Lebron James sent his condolences and said:

“You are simply and truly “AMAZING” Lauren Hill!!! Thank you for inspiring me and I’ll try my best to match you! Congrats on your game. Also be looking out for a package from I to You! You’re Awesome!!!

Lauren has taught me to appreciate each day of my life. And I’ve learned to complain less and do more while I’m still healthy, and still and the time.

Lennon Lacy found hanging, RAW- 911 Call

Listen to the raw 911 call made the night Lennon Lacy was found hanging from a playground in Bladenboro.

via RAW: Lennon Lacy 911 call.

LennonThis is the story in a nutshell: A 31 year old  white woman Michelle Brimhall  , has a sexual relationship with High school football player; a college hopeful. The young man is 17 years old African American. His name was Lennon Lacy. He was found hanging from a rope that was tied around his neck.The  Bladenboro Police Department has ruled his death a suicide. The local people do not trust the integrity of the police investigation. Lennon had bruises and face wounds. After seeing her son in the body bag, his mother noticed  Lennon had head wounds as though he was attacked.

Oh well, if this is another case that a young boy is murdered like Emmitt Till. Emmitt was murdered in Money, Mississippi for looking at a white woman the “wrong way”, by an angry racist mob that kidnapped him from his home August 25 1955.

The people may protest in Bladenboro, NC I just hope all white people are not painted with the same broad brush use to identify a few that may have a racist motive for hurting some one. If in fact it is  determined that Lennon was killed by a person or people, it is sad still. Especially when his mother remained in the Bladenboro community where his neighbor had a nice green lawn, with a very alerting sign that read in bold writing:”NIGGERS KEEP OUT”. With the sign, came a large array  of Confederate flags as if they were growing right from the very soil like a plant.

I know when I’m not wanted, I would have move to a safer neighborhood. A place where it would be okay if I chose to date a white woman. A place other than Bladenboro, North Carolina.

Ferguson Police Chief Apologizes

thomas-jackson_c13-0-627-358_s561x327The shooting of unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by officer Darren Wilson. Took place on August 9th 2014.  Finally, the police department sent out police chief Thomas Jackson to issue the Brown family an apology for murdering their son and relative. On September 25, 2014, (wow a month and a half)

Well, better late than never. The police cannot come to grips with their own infallibility. Maybe the police department can use a laxative to rid itself of their fecal like attitude towards the people that they serve.

Robert Frost, poet had A.D.D

Robert Frost was a great American poet. One of his poems is called “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.

Reading the poem, I could not help thinking how easily distracted as he rode the horse in the snow. I see the attention deficiency in his constant stopping and thinking about snowflakes, a talking horse that communicates with his body, while trespassing on someone else’s private property.

Attention Deficit Disorder ( acronym A.D.D) can be beneficial for the curious mind of a man who loves nature. Robert Frost was , and still is one of my favorite writers, with a disability.


Ray Rice, the football player made two mistakes


The football player Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens made one mistake after the other. This is the teachable moment:

Ray Rice’s first simple mistake was to stick out his short arm, striking Janay Palmer (his then fiancee).

The second thing Ray did wrong: Ray let her stay on the floor without helping the woman that he socked. 

All he had to do was help her up off of the elevator and apologize.

One punch costed Ray a 5 year contract worth $40 million dollars. I ‘ll remember never to throw a jab at a woman. Or course become poor. :( Rice-Rayray-rice-arrest

Have a great day by thinking positive Have a great day by thinking positive!!

Ferguson, Missouri Police Not Trustworthy

622x350This is a picture of the Police in Ferguson, Missouri, responding to a peaceful protest. Protesters were looking for answers from the police murder of 18 year old Michael Brown. Michael Brown was killed by an unknown stupid cop. The idiot police officer did not value human life. 622x350 (1)

Robin Williams has died

Buy0nX2IUAEnx6RI enjoyed the sense of humor of Robin Williams. He died at age 63 by killing himself; from what it appeared to be according to the police. 

  I know that I will miss his wit. I had great laugh from Robin Williams’ weird impersonations of animals.


Where in the world is Woody Allen I… Where in the world is Woody Allen? I need a good laugh!!!